Team Tressed


Shannon is a proud Longhorn - HOOK 'EM - having graduated from UT with a degree in Corporate Communications. Her passion for natural hair care began in 2010 when she decided to cut chemically treated processes from her hair diet and embrace her natural texture. Too scared to do the “big chop”, Shannon slowly transitioned her damaged hair to its natural texture.

Through her natural hair journey, she's become somewhat of a product junkie and has tested hundreds of products before discovering what worked for her. By combining premium products with battle-tested techniques, Shannon has helped numerous women transition to healthier hair methods.


There's three things Trista loves: crawfish, New Orleans, and LSU football. You can probably tell she's from the Bayou; with brains to boot as an accomplished graduate of Louisiana State University.

Trista has recently begun her natural hair transition after years of wearing protective styling. With a degree in the Biological Sciences, she understands the chemistry and makeup of product ingredients that help stimulate and promote growth. As a woman that wants to bounce back-and-forth between curly and straight hair, she's a great resource for clients that can't go curly full-time.