Tressed Tip: Blowouts

Tressed Tip: Blowouts

Today’s Tressed Tip is all about blowouts. We love our curls but sometimes we want to switch it up by straightening our hair. Here are a few tips on how we achieve and maintain our blowouts while protecting our curls.

First, you want a cleansing shampoo that’ll take out all that buildup that you put in your hair such as gel and butters. You want to have a clean palette for your hair.

Tressed Choice: As I Am - Cleansing Pudding + Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Cleanser

Second, it’s’ important you follow up the cleansing shampoo with a high-quality deep conditioner. A deep conditioner locks in that moisture so when you are ready to flat iron you aren’t drying your hair out with the heat.

Tressed Choice: tgin - Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

Third, a heat protectant to act as a sealant to protect your hair follicles from heat damage and protect your curls.

Tressed Choice: Alikay Naturals - Silky Straight Heat Protectant Spray

Lastly, make sure you are wrapping your hair at night and sleeping on a satin pillow so you don’t have to continuously keep straightening your hair.  


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